Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini says Real Madrid aren’t just about Cristiano Ronaldo


Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini believes Champions League quarterfinal opponent Real Madrid are about more than just Cristiano Ronaldo, discount nfl jerseys while adding that revenge is not the main objective for his side on Tuesday night.

Real defeated the Bianconeri 4-1 in last season’s final, but Chiellini said that despite the presence of their Portuguese talisman, Los Blancos have quality everywhere on the field that Juvenuts will have to contend with.

“Sergio Ramos is the best defender in the world, but it’s not just me saying this,” Chiellini said. “It’s the same with Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the best No. 9 in the world.

“When you face champions like these, it’s great to try to beat them. We’ll try our best to contain [Ronaldo], but Real Madrid are not just about him. If you think you can eliminate him, you would be being presumptuous as an individual, but with team work, we have got to try to concede little room to Real.”

Chiellini added that Juventus wouldn’t be looking for revenge for the Cardiff defeat because if they were to focus on the past, they would find themselves having to consider revenge in almost every game at this stage of the season.

“It actually makes me laugh, this talk of two or three midfielders,” he said. “Last season, we played important Champions League games with two midfielders. It all depends on the willingness of the forwards to drop back and help.

“In games like these, you need to be technically strong. discount nfl jerseys china You can play with two or three midfielders, but it depends on the attitude or characteristics of your opponents.”