Many Cowboys back in grind before offseason program begins


With the urging of the team’s leaders, such as Jason Witten,shop nfl jerseys online Travis Frederick, Dak Prescott, Sean Lee and others, the Cowboys have had more than 50 players at The Star working out.

“We have a really good core group of guys that come back in and get workouts in when it’s not required and not organized,” Frederick said. “We organize them as a team, and we’re happy about that. But it’s always exciting when everybody is back in. You get sort of a buzz and energy around the building.”

Frederick likened it to the first day back from summer vacation while in elementary school.

“It’s fun to get back in and get to the grind,” Frederick said.

By NFL rule, the players can’t work with the coaches. Even when the official program starts, the work is limited until Phase 2, when there are on-field teaching sessions.

“There’s a real commitment,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “There’s always been a real commitment by our guys, and it’s a tribute to the kind of guys that we have. The leaders of the group just do a great job setting the example for everybody.”

Garrett wishes the NFL and NFL Players Association would relax some of the offseason rules, but that’s for discussions for the next collective bargaining agreement.

“We want to see the guys 365 days out of the year, but the rules are what they are, so we try to make the best out of it,” Garrett said.

A large portion of players remain in the area year round, whereas other teams don’t have that same luxury. Most cities can’t match the combination of Dallas’ weather and quality of living.

While the new additions, such as wide receiver Allen Hurns, get to learn about how the Cowboys work out, they more importantly get to build a camaraderie with new teammates. The chemistry of a team is largely formed in the offseason program and training camp, so that when issues crop up during a season, they can be dealt with by the players first before the coaches or front office.

“Those are the kinds of guys we want to have on our football team,” Garrett said. “It’s important for them to be the best they can be, try to build a team where we can be the best we can be.wholesale nfl jerseys china In order to do that, you have to work in the offseason. The way the rules are, we as coaches don’t get a chance to be around them for more than nine weeks in the offseason. That will start next Monday. We’re excited about that opportunity, but I think they know the importance of this time to get themselves ready. If you build the team the right way with the right kind of guys, they understand what the commitment is.”