The Josh Sweat Miracle: From Leg ‘Snapped in Half’ to Fastest DE in the Draft


He lay on a hospital bed in the emergency room in September 2014, looking down at his mangled leg, and was told his career was all but finished. nfl jersey supply One freak injury had rendered Josh Sweat a never-was. An urban legend for those in Chesapeake, Virginia—nothing more.

He remembers hearing his doctor’s message loud and clear and…come again?

“He’s like, ‘Hey, man, you’re probably not going to play football again. I’m 98 percent sure. And we’re probably going to have to remove the bottom of your leg.’ And that’s how he left it,” Sweat remembers. “He said it was likely with the dislocation, especially at that angle—because the artery runs around the back.”

With one bad break on one meaningless extra-point rush, Sweat had been transformed from the “Next Jadeveon Clowney” at Oscar F. Smith High into a kid who’d need a prosthetic leg and a new career plan. His left knee was dislocated. Artery damage was expected. No blood would flow to the rest of his leg.

“The bottom of the leg would’ve died if it didn’t have enough blood,” Sweat says. “Arteries can be repaired, but if it’s damaged too much, then you have to remove it.”

Of course, he was told this before any tests had even been run. An approach that ticks him off in retrospect. He easily could’ve been scared to death, presented with this worst-case scenario. Instead, a weird thing happened: He didn’t panic. Part of it was being “stubborn,” he admits, but Sweat is also analytical to the extreme. He takes nothing at face value. As he was told he may need to have his leg amputated,wholesale authentic nfl jerseys Sweat refused to believe it.

His knee was swollen, but he could still feel his foot. Nothing was numb.

He had hope.

“I’m going to bounce back,” he told himself. “I’m not listening to him.”