Why Draymond Green lobbied for JaVale McGee to start for Warriors


The Warriors were heading into the All-Star break appearing lifeless and unmotivated.authentic nfl jerseys They had dropped four of their past eight contests. It was during this time that Steve Kerr said the team was “mentally fried” and suggested his players were already eyeing their midseason vacation destinations.

But when Golden State returned to the Bay Area after the break, Kerr had a surprise waiting for them in an attempt to create a spark.

“I don’t know what happened,” McGee told ESPN. “He came back after All-Star [break] and I was starting.”7

It turned out individuals were working behind the scenes and advocating for the 7-footer to either start or receive consistent minutes in the rotation. Green and assistant coach Jarron Collins, who is assigned to McGee during solo portions of practice, were among those vouching for the backup center’s talents to be unleashed.

“That doesn’t mean Draymond and JC have been banging down my door saying we’ve got to start him. That never happened,” Kerr explained to ESPN. “JC works with him every day, so all of our individual coaches tend to advocate for their guys. So, let’s get that straight.”

Zaza Pachulia, the starting center for much of the season, is a solid low-post defender who sets amazing screens, but he lacks athleticism and struggles finishing around the basket. McGee, while turnover-prone, provides aerial assaults on both ends of the floor and brings a style of play that energizes the team.

Up until the All-Star break, McGee’s numbers and opportunities had dwindled drastically in Year 2 with the Warriors. In his first season, he was a regular rotation player and accumulated only five DNPs. This season, McGee had been mostly out of the rotation and gathered 16 DNPs.wholesale nfl jerseys  He didn’t know why that was the case and admitted he struggled with it.

“Yeah, I get frustrated,” McGee said. “But I try not to let those frustrations get out into the media or get out onto the court in my play. I try to keep the same energy that I have. I try to bring positivity to the team.”