Mining for fantasy gold on tanking NBA teams


When I was 11, I shook hands with Wes Unseld in the Capital Centre parking lot. I’ll never forget the way his superhuman hand enveloped my entire arm.

In a way, that moment remains the peak of my real-life NBA fandom. Such is the lot of a lifelong Bullets/Wizards fan. Following the Bullets/Wizards prepared me to encounter life with a sense of grim, gritty realism.

And as you may have heard, this year’s edition of the Washington Wizards has been particularly — almost spectacularly — painful to follow.

The silver lining? Rooting for a perennial also-ran franchise keeps me focused on fantasy basketball.

Rooting for a moribund NBA team helps you in fantasy in three nike nfl jerseys from china

One: You learn to pay more attention to the league as a whole.

Two: You learn to create your own basketball success stories.

Three: You learn that bad NBA teams beget in-season fantasy opportunity.10

In fantasy, it always pays to focus on the lower rungs of the NBA standings.

I think of the universe of fantasy basketball as a miniature stock market. Players present portfolios of statistics that rise and fall. If you acquire the services of enough players who outproduce what it took to acquire them (be it auction money or a draft pick), you put yourself in a position to win.

On draft night, we look to build around sure things: stable investments we can count on. That equals star players from successful franchises.

Successful NBA teams mint players who tend to set the market and provide statistical stability.

Think Durant and Curry in Golden State. Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee. Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard in Toronto. These players hail from the Boardwalks and Park Places of fantasy hoops. They’re pricey to roster but yield a dependable return on your imaginary official nike nfl jerseys

Good teams run rock-solid rotations. Their players enter the season with clearly defined roles. By the time the NBA season gets good and underway, say a quarter of the way in (where we are now), a good team’s fantasy production is locked in (barring injury, of course).