Tens of millions at stake in All-NBA sprint to the finish


The All-NBA team this season — especially the third team — truly carries more intrigue and substance than the Most Valuable Player or Rookie of the Year awards. Not in a historical context — the winners of the biggest individual awards will get their moments to shine and be remembered much longer than any all-league roster.

The All-NBA team isn’t even bothered with at the annual award show. It’s announced in advance without much fanfare like those technical Oscars that don’t make the TV broadcast. It’s decided on by 100 media members who cover the league and are selected by the league office.cheap nike nfl jerseys free shipping

We are the folks who, like Durant says, don’t really know the game. Be that as it may, we do know how important this task is. And anyone who gets a vote who doesn’t understand the stakes here should be ashamed.9

One thing Durant — and anyone else who might line up to take easy shots at the soulless media — must admit is there’s a reason the reporters and talking heads have to do it: because the teams, players and fans don’t trust one another with it.

The fan and player voting for the All-Star Game is such a compromised and haphazard mess of politics, popularity and chicanery that the league had to bring the media into that vote to act as the check-and-balance in recent years. Having the media vote for these annual awards is both imperfect and the best option available.nfl cheap jerseys nike

Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson and Bradley Beal are all candidates to make third-team All-NBA. Even if they play it cool when asked about it, trust me, it matters to them.

As usual, the guard spot is deep. Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard are strong candidates to make the first two teams. That will leave a crowded field for those hugely valuable last spots. Beal, Walker and Thompson will be in competition with Ben Simmons, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler and Jrue Holiday, among others.

Here’s why it matters. If Walker, who was voted in as an All-Star starter, makes the All-NBA team, he will hit the jackpot and become eligible for a supermax contract when he hits free agency in July. That would mean up to $220 million over five years if he were to stay with the Charlotte Hornets. If he doesn’t make the All-NBA team, the Hornets’ best offer could be roughly $190 million, a $30 million swing. And if he were to consider going to another team — say, his hometown New York Knicks — his limit would be four years and $140 million. A possible $80 million swing based on the judgment of those 100 voters.