Tigers pitcher Jordan Zimmermann hit in face, has bruised jaw


Detroit Tigers pitcher Jordan Zimmermann was official nfl jerseys cheap taken to the hospital with a bruised jaw after he was hit by a line drive off the bat of Cleveland’s Jason Kipnis on Wednesday.

The Tigers said Zimmermann passed concussion protocol tests and was being taken for X-rays.

Making his third start of the season, Zimmermann retired Francisco Lindor on a fly ball starting the game. The 31-year-old right-hander had little time to react to Kipnis’ liner on a 2-2 pitch.

“It was terrifying and it made a terrible sound,” Detroit manager Ron Gardenhire said. “Your heart drops. When you go out there you never know what you’re going to see.”

Zimmermann sat up and spoke to Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire, then walked off the field while holding a towel to his face.

The ball rolled to first baseman Miguel Cabrera, who stepped on first for the out. An obviously distraught Kipnis crossed the bag and knelt on the first base line as Zimmermann was examined.

An obviously distraught Kipnis crossed the bag and knelt on the first base line as Zimmermann was examined. Several Tigers’ position players also knelt and the crowd of 10,872 went silent.

“You never want that,” Kipnis said. “Everyone’s out there competing. It was a scary moment, tough guy just to walk off like that. He’s got a strong jaw.”

Zimmermann, who passed the concussion protocol tests, reebok nfl jerseys has evidence of that. He had his jaw broken on a line drive while pitching in college. Doctors inserted 11 screws and several plates.

“I felt it,” Zimmermann said. “I went down and just felt all my teeth were there, and my jaw wasn’t peeled in like the first time it happened. So I think I got lucky. The first time I broke it back in college, they put a couple plates in there and the doc told me you’ll never break it again. Put it to the test tonight and everything came back just fine.”

While the rest of MLB goes young, the Giants are doubling down on players in their 30s


The San Francisco Giants sold out 530 straight games before their streak ended in July, and they feel obliged to put a competitive product on the field for all those die-hard ticket holders by the bay.nfl jerseys from china Even in rough years, the Giants are committed to staying the course rather than selling off big-name assets, punting on contention and pacifying the fan base with prospects and sumptuous garlic fries at AT&T Park.

That approach failed to yield positive results in 2017, when the Giants finished last in the National League West for the first time since 2007. But the players who form the nucleus of the lineup and the heartbeat of the clubhouse are grateful for the opportunity to stay together and have a crack at redemption.

“I’m very happy to be a part of an organization that is doing that,” catcher Buster Posey said. “I thought about it when the Rays [designated] Corey Dickerson [for assignment] after he hit 27 homers. I’m glad I didn’t get drafted by the Rays.”

Posey, Hunter Pence, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt will all be 30 or older this season, and they have dealt with the inevitable speculation about a lost step here or declining bat speed there.

Rather than bringing in an injection of youth to change the mix, the Giants are doubling down on the whole “veteran presence” narrative this spring.

San Francisco’s two big offseason acquisitions provided hope and consolation for veteran players who feel unwanted in the current climate. Shortly before Christmas, the Giants acquired third baseman Evan Longoria from Tampa Bay for outfielder Denard Span, infielder Christian Arroyo and minor league pitchers Matt Krook and Stephen Woods. In January, they added Andrew McCutchen from Pittsburgh for pitcher Kyle Crick, minor league outfielder Bryan Reynolds and $500,000 in international bonus pool money.

As a tandem, Longoria and McCutchen have a combined eight All-Star appearances, a Rookie of the Year award, an MVP award, official nfl jerseys cheap five Silver Sluggers and four Gold Gloves on their résumés. At 32 and 31, respectively, they’re also older than Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna and some other players who caused such a frenzy on the winter trade market.

Would the Cowboys draft a tight end project in the second round?


Eventually the Cowboys will have to replace Jason Witten. Maybe this is the year they cut back on some of Witten’s snaps to keep him fresh and help develop a tight end for when he retires in … 2025? Who knows? It might be sooner than that.

While Gesicki’s playmaking could be a boost to the offense, the Cowboys are breaking in tight ends coach in Doug Nussmeier. He played quarterback. authentic nfl jerseys He coached quarterbacks. He’s been an offensive coordinator. Not that he can’t teach a tight end how to block, but it will be something he learns on the job along with the player. Witten would be able to help in that department as well, but his focus should be doing everything he can to be ready for the season.

Would Nussmeier’s inexperience at the position preclude the Cowboys from taking a tight end in the second round for the fourth time since 2008? Not necessarily, but it adds another layer to the debate as to whether they should.

Kiper’s and McShay’s first-round picks are plausible for two reasons. The Cowboys have needs at both spots, and both players visited The Star before the draft. That latter detail is a big part of the Cowboys’ evaluation process. The only times since 2004 their first picks did not visit beforehand were DeMarcus Ware (2005) and Morris Claiborne (2012).

Of the two, Evans is the bigger need. The Cowboys lost Anthony Hitchens in free agency, and despite their positive words about Jaylon Smith, they can’t be convinced he is ready for full-time duty based on what he did in 2017. Bryan is a 3-technique defensive tackle and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli loves 3-techniques. Oh, and he put Bryan through the paces at the player’s pro day.

Of the third-round picks, I like McShay’s pick better because we don’t know yet what will happen with receiver Dez Bryant. Hamilton impressed at the Senior Bowl and is Penn State’s all-time leader in receptions. He might not be the fastest, but he produced and he is considered a solid route runner.

Shepherd is something of a project, albeit a talented one. But here’s something to consider: Since Will McClay took over the draft room in 2014,wholesale nfl jerseys the Cowboys have not selected a player from a small school in the top three rounds. Again, does that eliminate the player from consideration? No, but it adds another layer to the debate.

Dallas Cowboys set to debut Thursday


Much has been made about how opposing teams’ fans have been able to take over AT&T Stadium since the $1.2 billion facility opened in 2009, nfl jerseys cheap china but what often isn’t said is how Cowboys fans take over other stadiums.

The term America’s Team fits.

On Thursday, ESPN’s original series “We The Fans,” featuring Cowboys fans, will air all four one-hour episodes back-to-back from 7-11 p.m. ET.

“The Dallas Cowboys are an institution and one of the world’s most iconic sports franchises with a wildly passionate and highly diverse fan base,” said Jose Morales, ESPN coordinating producer, who is overseeing the project. “’We the Fans’ provides an intimate look at the lives of Cowboys fans, and whether you love or hate the most famous star in sports, all fans will relate to this group of people and how absorbed they are in their favorite team.”

The award-winning ESPN features unit followed 12 Cowboys fans throughout a 2017 season that started with Super Bowl hopes after a 13-3 finish in 2016 and ended with a playoff-less 9-7 record. In between, the Cowboys dealt with the drama of Ezekiel Elliott’s court battles and eventual six-game suspension and injuries to Tyron Smith, Sean Lee and others.

Among the 12 fans profiled is Mike Adams, who had a 10-year career in Major League Baseball, including a two-year run with the Cowboys’ neighbors in Arlington, Texas, the Texas Rangers. Adams has been a Cowboys season-ticket holder.

While Adams had a long career in pro baseball, Carolyn Price might be the most well-known of the Cowboys fans. She attends training camp in Oxnard, California, authentic nfl jerseys makes it to a lot of road games and is a season-ticket holder. She even wrote a book, “Priceless Dream: The Life of the Dallas Cowboys #1 Fan.”

Many Cowboys back in grind before offseason program begins


With the urging of the team’s leaders, such as Jason Witten,shop nfl jerseys online Travis Frederick, Dak Prescott, Sean Lee and others, the Cowboys have had more than 50 players at The Star working out.

“We have a really good core group of guys that come back in and get workouts in when it’s not required and not organized,” Frederick said. “We organize them as a team, and we’re happy about that. But it’s always exciting when everybody is back in. You get sort of a buzz and energy around the building.”

Frederick likened it to the first day back from summer vacation while in elementary school.

“It’s fun to get back in and get to the grind,” Frederick said.

By NFL rule, the players can’t work with the coaches. Even when the official program starts, the work is limited until Phase 2, when there are on-field teaching sessions.

“There’s a real commitment,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “There’s always been a real commitment by our guys, and it’s a tribute to the kind of guys that we have. The leaders of the group just do a great job setting the example for everybody.”

Garrett wishes the NFL and NFL Players Association would relax some of the offseason rules, but that’s for discussions for the next collective bargaining agreement.

“We want to see the guys 365 days out of the year, but the rules are what they are, so we try to make the best out of it,” Garrett said.

A large portion of players remain in the area year round, whereas other teams don’t have that same luxury. Most cities can’t match the combination of Dallas’ weather and quality of living.

While the new additions, such as wide receiver Allen Hurns, get to learn about how the Cowboys work out, they more importantly get to build a camaraderie with new teammates. The chemistry of a team is largely formed in the offseason program and training camp, so that when issues crop up during a season, they can be dealt with by the players first before the coaches or front office.

“Those are the kinds of guys we want to have on our football team,” Garrett said. “It’s important for them to be the best they can be, try to build a team where we can be the best we can be.wholesale nfl jerseys china In order to do that, you have to work in the offseason. The way the rules are, we as coaches don’t get a chance to be around them for more than nine weeks in the offseason. That will start next Monday. We’re excited about that opportunity, but I think they know the importance of this time to get themselves ready. If you build the team the right way with the right kind of guys, they understand what the commitment is.”

Runner, illustrator Scott Magoon draws strength five years on


Scott Magoon jogged toward the Boston Marathon finish line five years ago, his goal in sight. He’d jumped into the last wave of runners that morning at the start in Hopkinton, nfl shop jerseys authentic Massachusetts, without an entry bib — a “bandit,” in distance running parlance — and he didn’t feel any qualms about that. Whom was he hurting? He was about to beat his official time from the year before.

He heard an explosion ahead of him. A debris cloud rose. Objects rained out of it. Magoon turned to the runner next to him. “That’s not good,” he said. They slowed to a stop. Then a second bomb detonated 50 yards behind them, and the concussive shock wave clouted Magoon in the back. He instinctively threw himself belly-down on the asphalt, calculating how far he was from the spot where his wife and two young sons were waiting to see him go by.

“It seemed so quiet,” said Magoon, a 45-year-old freelance illustrator from the Boston suburb of Reading. “It just took a few seconds for people to make noise and realize, ‘We gotta get the hell out of here.'” He inhaled deeply, pausing in the retelling. “I remember looking around in the direction of the bomb, finally. I didn’t see a whole lot, but I saw enough.”

Magoon pulled out his phone and was able to reach his wife. His kids were unscathed and mostly uncomprehending; his younger son thought a giant had attacked. As Magoon fled the course to find them, his only apparent injury a scraped knee, he already understood how fortunate he was compared to many on Boylston Street whose lives were forever altered.

But he was fine. Or was he? The day rang in his ears and his mind, lingering in a way he hadn’t anticipated. Sudden loud noises would catapult him back to that moment of fear and uncertainty. His walk to the office where he worked at the time took him by the finish area, where the stone fa?ade of the Old South Church loomed like a reproach: See what happens when you go where you’re not supposed to be? It’s your fault you were in the bomb zone. You don’t deserve to feel bad. Other people are suffering so terribly.

Magoon wrestled with his spiraling thoughts in what he describes as a “relatively mild case” of post-traumatic stress disorder. Finally, at his wife’s urging,shop nfl jerseys online he saw a therapist and went on medication. He pulled through but kept his journey mostly to himself. “It gave me perspective,” he said. “I heard so many stories of people who went through similar things that I didn’t feel like so much of a wimp or an outcast, unable to process or cope.”

Owen Daniels Confirms Bob McNair Was Disappointed with Barack Obama’s Election


Former Houston Texans tight end Owen Daniels confirmed an account by Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Duane Brown—who spent a decade with the authentic nfl jerseys Texans starting in 2008—that team owner Bob McNair said in a meeting he was displeased with the election of President Barack Obama in 2008.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk passed along comments Daniels made to ESPN 97.5 Houston one day after McNair told Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal he never discussed his opinions about President Obama during a meeting.

“We’re in the middle of the season, and this guy gets elected, and it wasn’t the guy that he was supporting,” Daniels said. “But a lot of the guys on the team were very supportive of Barack.”

He added: “That was weirder than I was actually making it out to be back then.”

Brown originally discussed the meeting with Florio last October, saying he was surprised when McNair made his disappointment known within a team forum.

“He came to talk to the team,” Brown said. “He was visibly upset about it. He said, ‘I know a lot of y’all are happy right now, but it’s not the outcome that some of us were looking for.’ That was very shocking to me.”

This revelation came out after Seth wholesale nfl jerseys Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr. of ESPN The Magazine reported McNair told fellow owners, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” as part of an October discussion about protests during the national anthem.

While McNair issued an apology for the comment, he changed his stance, telling Beaton he now regrets apologizing for the remark.

Former Texans running back Arian Foster issued an open invitation Thursday for the Texans owner to appear on his podcast for a “civil discourse” about the situation, saying he thinks “the fans, him and myself can benefit from it.”

Thomas Davis Apologizes After Being Suspended 4 Games for Failed PED Test


Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis announced Friday that the NFL has suspended him four games following a positive test for a banned substance.

“I was informed that I tested positive for a banned substance,” Davis said in a heartfelt message on Twitter. “I was completely caught off guard by this. nfl jerseys cheap china I’ve never in any way done anything to try to intentionally cheat the game. It’s one of those situations where the NFL rules are clear. They state that you are responsible as a player for what you put in your body.

“I’ve taken the same supplements for the last seven or eight years and never had any issues. Been tested numerous times over the years while taking the same stuff. And you know, unfortunately, these are some of the things that happen when you take supplements. I’ve never tested positive for a steroid or HGH. It’s not one of those situations. It ended up being an estrogen blocker that triggered a positive test for me.”

Davis, 35, also hinted that the 2018 season may not be his last even though he told NFL.com in January that it would be.

A three-time Pro Bowler, Davis appeared in 15 of 16 regular-season games for the Panthers last season. His lone absence was the product of a one-game suspension for an illegal hit on Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

The second-level stalwart finished authentic nfl jerseys the year with 76 total tackles and 2.5 sacks while playing 79.4 percent of the Panthers’ defensive snaps, according to Pro Football Reference.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic can’t reprise super-sub role as Galaxy fall to SKC


Daniel Salloi and Johnny Russell scored five minutes apart in the second half to lift Sporting Kansas City over the L.A. Galaxy 2-0 on Sunday night.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic came on as a substitute in the 62nd minute but could not repeat the heroics from his MLS debut last Saturday,wholesale nfl jerseys when he helped rally the Galaxy from a two-goal deficit to defeat LAFC. Ibrahimovic had three shots on goal from distance and earned a corner when Sporting KC put his cross out of play.

Ibrahimovic had a breakaway in extra-time, but defender Ike Opara recovered in time to pressure the Swedish forward so his shot was not on goal.

Russell sliced through two defenders and beat goalkeeper David Bingham 1-on-1 to the far post in the 61st minute for his second goal.

Sporting KC went up 1-0 in the 56th minute when Jonathan dos Santos headed a corner down to Salloi, and he put it in at the near post. It was Salloi’s first goal of the season.

The corner came when Bingham tipped Graham Zusi’s long free kick over the bar after Daniel Steres received a yellow card for pulling down Khiry Shelton with both hands.

The Galaxy had the two best scoring chances in the first half. Chris Pontius headed a cross from Ashley Cole off the outside of the post in the 36th minute, and Cole’s curling shot in the 43rd forced Sporting KC goalkeeper Tim Melia to make a two-handed save, sending the ball off the post and out of play.

The Galaxy had two of their three designated players back in the starting lineup, with Romain Alessandrini and Jonathan dos Santos both returning from hamstring injuries. nfl jerseys from china The Galaxy’s other designated player, Giovani dos Santos, missed his third straight match because of a hamstring injury.

AC Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso accepts Champions League hopes slim


AC Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso said he felt hurt after his side were held to a 1-1 draw by Sassuolo on Sunday evening.

With Inter Milan losing 1-0 at Torino earlier in the day,authentic nfl jerseys  the Rossoneri had an opportunity to reduce the gap to their city rivals to five points and boost their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Instead, a late equaliser from Nikola Kalinic salvaged just a point, leaving them sixth and still seven adrift of the Nerazzurri and eight behind Lazio and Roma, who occupy the final two Champions League qualifying berths.

“We had a big chance and this is what hurts,” Gattuso told Sky Sport Italia. “We could have moved five points behind Inter and six behind Champions League qualification and that would have been much nicer.”

The Milan coach, who signed a contract through to 2021 last week, has all but given up on making it into the top four and says they need to make sure they secure Europa League football. In-form Fiorentina have closed to within two points while Sampdoria and Atalanta are only a further two points behind heading into the final seven games of the season.

At present the top six get European football next season, but Milan will still be guaranteed a place if they finish seventh as they play Serie A leaders Juventus in the final of the Coppa Italia next month.

“Games like these leave their mark,” Gattuso said. “We’re playing well, but we’re not picking much up. We’re in a battle for Europa League qualification with many other clubs and that has got to remain our objective now, then we’ve got the Coppa Italia final.

“We still have a lot of motivation, even if the Champions League is distant.”

Midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura also felt Milan had missed a glorious opportunity at the San Siro, but the Italian says he and his teammates remain motivated for a run-in which starts at home to second-placed Napoli next weekend — a game for which defender Leonardo Bonucci will be suspended.

“We do have regrets because we should have scored in the first half,” wholesale nfl jerseys Bonaventura told Milan TV. “[Andrea] Consigli was outstanding in the second half and we were not sharp enough to strike harder and beat him.